Confessions of a Fashion Intern

Welcome to my very first blog. I’m a semi- virgin to blogging prior to my first post about Lip Color Blocking via (BlogSpot- check it out by the way.

Nevertheless, I plan to make the very best of this despite setbacks. Being a fashionista compared to becoming a fashion student is two different worlds. Loving fashion is easy! But being a fashion major? WELL- welcome to the deepest darkest pits. Its one thing to pick up Vogue, Elle, or Harper’s Bazaar magazines, skim through countless editorials, and create a rendition of your own ensemble. BUT to breathe, understand, and study fashion in a college classroom is a totally different ball game! Of course I want to that Ferragmo or Galliano as much as the next lady! But right now, I’ve traded in my conservative work pumps for a conservative book bag.

SO how do I manage? I don’t most days. But I pray and believe in GOD enough to stay faithful to my craft. I’m optimistic and humble… and outright crazy. Yet, I’m crazy enough to believe in something bigger than me in this industry. The fashion industry can be brutal- eat can eat you up alive and spit you out. But if I’m strong and work hard enough, I can be just as successful as my predecessors and idols (Givenchy, Rucci, Rykiel) who were merely like me: an intern in the industry….



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