120 YEARS of STYLE: September VOGUE

Lady Gaga once again graces the covers of September ’12 issue of Vogue discussing her recent tour, love and passion of music and new perfume called “Fame”. Like lady Gaga’s personality, she anticipates her perfume to be like no other fragrance ever encountered. Her plan is to have the liquid “black” in the bottle, but spray out “clear”. I can just picture mad Frankenstein scientists working non-stop in labs trying to conjure this nottion up. Only Lady Gaga can get away with something so out-landish. I’m hoping the scent is as wonderful as the presentation.

I must add: She’s an entrepreneurial beast! Here I am thinking she’s been breaking from music, maybe caught up in love, family or the ‘real world’. ABSOLUTELY NOT! The mogul’s been touring, working with fashion houses overseas and building on the “Gaga” name. Very smart move by her marketing team. They knew exactly what to do to keep her relevant in the industry which has no remorse most times. Either you’re in, or you’re out! And clearly, Gaga is showing us that her fifteen minutes of fame has NOT run out!

Vogue Daily —

Vogue Daily —

Vogue Daily —

Vogue Daily —

Vogue Daily —

Lady Gaga is well known for her fashion in addition to her music, and her funky yet lavish couture does nothing less than turn heads and grab attention…..be sure to pick up the September 2012 issue of VOGUE. I can’t wait to bask in the array of heavenly fashion.


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