Have you ever thought about what compels you to dress the way you do? Whether its conservative and classy, or debonair and poised….how about the hippie or indie rocker look? Could it be simply work or school that inspires your wardrobe? What is it that motivates you to put the extra effort or no effort at all into your attire? I often question my drive and the drive of others. Are we influenced by our own self-esteem or the opinions of others? Are we more enticed by fashion to attract the opposite sex? Or are we merely so damned fascinated with that person in the mirror that we go that extra mile to appease ourselves?Image





I’m certain it’s a compilation of both: we dress for ourselves, and for society…..

There’s some days when I just don’t give a damn what I have on. Is that considered “college-girl” syndrome? Well at least that sounds better to justify my outfits and “oh my goodness” moments. Being a student in the fashion industry, you just don’t have time (or money) to be the fashion monster you want to be. There’s never enough hours in the day to tackle such tasks.


I’m a perfectionist. It takes me as much time to do my hair and makeup as it does Kim Kardashian. Is that a chance I’m willing to take when I have an 8 am class, or final due in two hours?! NO!! The glitz and glam can wait. Right now, I’m totally living up to and taking advantage of “college- girl” syndrome. Image

Now don’t get me wrong; women are indeed from Venus and men are from Mars when it comes to fashion (sexual preference is definitely a factor here). But on my planet, there’s nothing sexier than a man in a business suit. (How hot is that?) Fortunately, I’m studious and busy enough in my career to only admire from a fashion perspective: adoring the fine material and tailoring of an awesome suit. But sometimes I do wonder how they view me, because physically I am not dressed in their caliper. Mentally I’d put them to shame. I secretly crush on some of the attire I see going in and out of Boyd’s. With my college being just a few doors down, my eyes spot visual orgasms every once in a while. Yet, it brings me to a thought that people are indeed very judgmental, and sometimes use materialistic items to sum a person up. From the smallest accessory such as a watch to larger including but not limited to a brand on a jeans or handbag label.



But how about the rest of the world outside my secluded view of downtown Philadelphia? I’m so curious to hear your thoughts and opinions of why you get dressed or not? Why do you sift through closets and drawers to articulate and convey a message through an outfit you’ll be wearing for less than 24 hours? Or why do you shake something out of the “could be washed but still have a day or two” pile?


What has shifted or evolved in the realm of society acceptance to make us more or less effort into our apparel? Are we becoming more egotistical? Does social media play a part? Or is it the new boyfriend/ girlfriend that has elavated our fashion standards? On the other hand, could it be a lagging and depressive economy that has changed your view of what is important and what isn’t? Or for the students and working professionals such as myself who dress according to occasion, do you find yourself getting dressed more for yourself or others in your field?



Are we naturally prone to conformity for acceptance? Are we afraid to step out onto our own outlandish desires and personalities and use fashion as a form of self-expression? Or we not concerned with public justifications? Are we emotionally stable enough to feel that we are not defined by our clothes? Image

I pose the question to the readers I’m so humbly blessed to encounter: WHY DO YOU GET DRESSED?



  1. Jay Naethan · September 19, 2012

    I believe at the beginning we all dress for the opposite sex or persons of interest. But I think the reasons we dress evolve as we continue different stages in life. We either dress for our careers or we dress for the moment. As myself I did dress for the person of interest and I felt uncomfortable doing so because I wasn’t showing my personality. Now I’m more experimental and I’m in college as well so that gives me more freedom to dress for the properevent at hand and also gives me the chance to mess around with fashion experimentally!

    • tamarastylist · November 15, 2012

      Thank you so much for your reply! It’s always interesting to get input; especially from the opposite sex. I’m really glad to see you enjoyed the post; keep reading!! Xoxo

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