Passion For Fassion

It’s been over a month since my last entry, and the thought alone has been plaguing me for weeks now. With midterm crunches and Aerobic Club meetings, I am excessively trying to cover all areas without stretching myself thin. So forgive me for any delays. I’m only human….

Learning fashion also means learning oneself as well. You need to understand yourself mentally as well as physically. How you think, how you feel, and how to accentuate your capabilities. Through fashion, there are many opportunities to do this! Feeling blue? Brighten yourself up by adding color to your outfits! Feeling uncertain or insecure? Throw on a sexy black dress to boost your confidence. It is easy to let our moods or setbacks deteriorate our well- being. Don’t feed into the cycle! Overcome it using clothing as a form of expression! In a financial slump? Use garments you already have to elevate your creativity and you’ll be surprised to see how far your individuality takes you!