Look 10 Years Younger

I often hear my clients tell me they want to look younger.  Whether they are joking or seriously asking me, there are indeed ways to look and feel younger. A healthy sex life will always be my joking but serious top favorite answer. Sometimes that too isn’t possible, so these are some other serious ways to look younger:

1.) Get Sleep. 7-8 hours should not be impossible. If it is, consider eliminating or cutting back on one or two of your roles and responsibilities. It’s okay to be a little selfish to preserve yourself longer.


2.) Amazing Diet & Vitamins! I didn’t realize how much kidney beans were rich in iron, but it sure shows in my family’s skin and immune system! We have red beans and rice at least once a week (Jamaicans love rice and beans)! Of course your standard spinach, brussels, and high protein is important too. Exercise and a balanced diet is always the goal, but never beat yourself up for a slip or two. Self- control in addition to loving yourself is just as beneficial to a younger looking you.


3.) Become a Tea Drinker! Green teas are full of antioxidants which are amazing for the skin and body as you may have learned. But did you know that peppermint tea is just as amazing? It’s great for sleep, reducing stress, upset stomach, clearing skin, sinus relief and weight loss. Instead of coffee, tea is a great natural remedy for your inner beauty as well as out. Your teeth will love the coffee break as well!


4.) Pluck Your Eyebrows Less. The more we age, the older thinner eyebrows makes us appear. Do not be afraid to let those bad boys go a week or two longer without waxing or plucking! Try wearing bangs or alternative hairstyles that cover your eyebrows to help give them a rest. I’d say: shoot for a month without doing them every once in a while to preserve their longevity.



5.) Invest in a Great Concealer. One that is highly pigmented and you won’t need to cake on for coverage. You may want to try a shade or two lighter. It will automatically brighten and lift your eyes and hide dark circles. It will also help to prevent deeper wrinkles because you are not pulling and tugging so hard to make a skin tone color brighten your eyes. Using an eye cream before doing any eye makeup is another huge advantage. Look for a water-based or gel eye creams, and let that bad boy dry before applying concealer. Your makeup will go on more evenly without settling into your wrinkles and causing less discoloration because you are no longer applying makeup directly to your under eye area.


6.) Use a Primer! So many women are wearing makeup without primer, and that’s a huge NO-NO. It’s almost as if you’re inviting your makeup to live beyond seven layers of your skin. Use a makeup primer! Even if you’re only wearing a BB cream.


7.) Pamper Your Skin. Whether it’s your SPF, moisturizer or primer, rub your products in with love. Circular upward motions until your products are penetrated, is the way to go. Do not rush through your skincare, plop it over your face and rub it in with haste. It’s called “skincare” for a reason. Do it gently with love. You will see a difference in the way your skin reacts to your products you spend a fortune on.


8.) Invest in Me Time! Me, Me, Me! Shut everything and everyone off for at least an hour a day. Do something totally dedicated to you. Whether it be a movie, music, writing, or Sudoku. Whatever relaxes your mind completely without disruptions, do it. Social media should not be included in your alone time. This time should be all about you (not to mention, bending your neck down to look at devices causes wrinkles). Devote time to just YOU. There’s always time to spend with yourself. Do this as often as you can if you’re adamant about looking as young as possible. You’re worth the investment!



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