8 Ways To Get Him to Put A Ring on It. (If You Need More Than 8, You Need To Reconsider…)

Finding Mr. Right can be tough. You kiss a few crappy frogs, waste your great Chicken Marsala recipe, and shaved until you couldn’t shave anymore. Then you finally meet the ONE. That’s right! He is it! You are done! Bride time, no more Bridesmaid! No more annoying wedding parties that aren’t yours. It’s almost your turn because Prince Charming is here! There’s only one problem…. He hasn’t proposed yet! If you want him to make you his misses, here are a few girlfriend-friendly tips.

1.) Be interested in his interests. You don’t have to love them too, just recognize that you know and understand the topics he’s passionate about.

2.) Make sure his mom likes you and family are somewhat fond of you. Once you’re in with the family, “jackpot”! Slip your ring size underneath his pillow. (Blame the ring fairy)…

3.) Score “cool-chick” points with his boys. If his friends like you, you’re in the winner’s circle honey.

4.) Keep your Beyoncé playlist to a minimum. As sarcastic as this is, no man wants to be driven crazy with your “GIRLS ONLY” serenades ALL THE TIME. Throw a little rock into your playlists. This also shows a well-rounded side of your personality, simply by listening to more than one genre of music. If he’s singing all of Beyonce’s lyrics with you, you may want to make sure you’re really ‘his type’ if you get my drift darling.

5.) Be adventurous (within your moral boundaries of course). If you’re afraid of heights, do not suggest rock climbing or sky diving. Make arrangements for activities you both can enjoy.

6.) Set your standards. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to take yourself seriously. Let “okay” and “not okay” be perfectly made clear. Men are attracted to women that know what they want, and aren’t afraid to take some level of control. Or on the other hand, men also love when their woman can honestly say, “Baby, I need your help in this situation.” It shows you are willing to let your man, be your man when necessary. In addition, refrain from making ” everything too easily accessible. If the ‘cookie jar’s’ on the kitchen counter, move it to the top of the refrigerator. Make him work for it a bit sometimes.

7.) Be supportive. If this is someone you truly want to build a future with, support his dreams and goals. He’ll do the same for you because you set a great and positive tone in your relationship. If he cares for you the ways you care for him, you two will want to mirror one another’s positive behaviors.

8.) Most importantly: BE YOURSELF! Yes, you may have to bury the Beyoncé CD on occasion, or dryly laugh at his terrible jokes. But don’t hide who you truly are. He should love and want to marry you for the Doll you are on the inside as well as out!

Beautifully Yours,



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