Naked, Makeup

One of the worst feelings in the world as a woman is having to rush through your makeup looks. Especially when you can easily spend 5-7 minutes just on your eyebrows…

Facebook is always the culprit of mayhem. Post a picture of a meal you’ve made, and wait for your hotline to bling. Seriously. I decided for Christmas Eve, I would create a small but savory and festive meal. Nothing too extravagant, just enough to feel productive on a rather warm December day. After baking chicken, pork and biscuits for over three hours, I felt a sense of accomplishment in addition to the heat of Hell’s Kitchen throughout the house. I’d literally slaved over a meal, ate a bit and relaxed while scrolling through social media. Then, the unexpected happened: a text from a good friend requesting a plate from a picture I posted.


Damn. I never mind feeding people. However, the idea of getting “appropriately dressed for dinner guests” part wasn’t at all what I had in mind on a relaxing night off. I was hot, sticky, full from dinner but haven’t seen this particular friend who’d been in the military for over a year. So it was my duty to look somewhat presentable. The plot thickened when “Sergeant Impromptu” told me they would arrive in just 30 minutes. (Dammit!) Thirty minutes to shower, find something to wear and put on makeup! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not a “thirty minute girl“. My showers alone are at least 20 minutes on a good day. Normally, it takes me at least an hour and a half to get ready (mentally and physically), so I knew this would be a challenge. There would have to be a sacrifice somewhere….either my makeup or attire. One would have to take the back seat, but I wasn’t sure which would lose.

PartialCoverage_GilElvgren.jpg (884×1200):

With less than 15 minutes after my shower, this meant 10 minutes for makeup and five to find something presentable to wear. I kept my makeup look very simple; kind of an “errand day” look. Moisturizer, concealer, a light foundation application and most important, eyebrows. I went the extra mile by adding eye liner (I may have skipped the mascara) and a clear gloss with a slight pink tint. Now, what the hell to wear? I needed something that said, “I’m home relaxing but I’m still as cute as you see on Instagram.” The hot weather didn’t make options any easier. I wanted a comfortable look, nothing skimpy or too revealing. On the other hand, I didn’t want to wear anything that read, “chilling with the homeboy” either. I needed a good balance between sex appeal and homebody.

pin-up-cooking.jpg (300×392):

Finally, I decided to go with a sports bra (for comfort with semi push-up definition), deep V-neck short sleeved top and a long black skirt with a split stopping right above the knee. Perfect! It showed off my figure with a few degrees of modesty. I topped this look with a light summer scent, Dolce by D&G for an overall inviting appeal.

grill.jpg (449×600):

Dinner with company was so successful, “Sergeant Impromptu” suggested I move in to provide meals all the time. Whether it was jokingly said or a serious gesture, I’m sure my outfit and makeup played a small part to the visions of me being a live in cook in addition to other given roles and responsibilities. The compliment was nice. So was my meal. So was my naked, minimal makeup. Getting ready in 30 minutes sure isn’t fun, but if I can make it happen gracefully, anyone can.


Summer Christmas In Winter

Summer  Christmas  In Winter

Ally Fashion white lace bustier
$19 –

Crochet mini skirt

Jimmy Choo suede leather shoes
$1,615 –

Judith Leiber swarovski crystal purse
$4,845 –

Vivienne Westwood clear stud earrings
$97 –

Sterling silver jewellery

Chanel eye makeup
$35 –

Satin lipstick
$34 –

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Mascara Vs. Men

The one dreaded question I get during my beauty consultations has to be, “What’s the best mascara?” This question makes me cringe and lock my jaw every time I hear it. I hesitate answering because I have yet to find the perfect universal mascara created to cater to every single woman’s lash needs. I always respond with, “Finding the perfect mascara is like finding the perfect man. It takes time, patience and a thorough process of elimination.”

Everyone’s lashes and love interests are so different. Mascaras and mates are investments. You can’t just look at the packaging and determine whether it will be a good fit for you or not. We’ve all tried that in the past. Viewing something under the pretty lights, sum it up by its visual appeal and assume the details on the label will give you what you desire. Then you get it home, unwrap the package, impulsively throw the receipt in the trash and hope for the best while you gently let the mascara wand caress your lash. After a few strokes, the harsh reality hits. It just doesn’t work! The new relationship isn’t as promising as the company made it out to be. It’s too big or too small, too messy, too complicated, too deceiving, or worst of them all…too full of shit.

You beat yourself up afterwards staring in the mirror wondering, “What the hell was I thinking?” Another possibility. Another mistake. Another unfortunate letdown. You’ve already made the commitment by throwing away that damn receipt, so you’ve made it utterly clear you were open to investing whole-heartedly.

Mascaras are absolutely like men. The brush may be right, but the formula could be completely wrong. How do you stick it out with the right brush, but a terrible formula? Or vice versa, you love the ingredients of the mascara itself but the brush sucks! The agony! So now, do you settle with what you have? A product that cannot satisfy as promised? Or keep the mascara, and replace the wand? That technically feels like cheating, doesn’t it? Using a wand with someone else’s formula is not the way it should have to be! Ideally, there should be one mascara out there to complete the job on it’s own. Is that too much to ask?

As far as mascaras go, there are so many choices on the market. You have to choose one that best suits your needs. When shopping for a mascara, it’s a lot about the brush. That physical bond you build with one another. Mascara wands are a bit complex in the decision making process, like a suitable counterpart. Wands that are meant to curl lashes have a curved brush. Wands for length are straight and narrow, wands for volume have fatter bristles and brushes with shorter bristles are easier to control.


When applying mascaras, I always advise my clients to coat your lashes in three different sections; outer, middle and inner corners. This gives the doll baby lash affect. Also, let coats dry in between application. This creates more volume by building on top of dried mascara layers.

Men are so much like mascaras. One may give you an acceptable performance, but you can’t help but wonder if there’s something better available. The best mascaras like the best men. It takes time, patience and pure love to encounter. You won’t have to force it, it’ll come naturally. You may have to rummage through and experience a few crappy ones, but the perfect one will be your only go-to. You’ll never have to second guess or feel curiosity about the new trendy ones only around for a season.

In your mascara and man, look for the ones that offer loyalty and longevity. Not the ones only here for a short fling. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing and over embellished propaganda. They lie darling. They’re very good at that. The best one will never leave and cause your eyes to water. That my dear, is how you know you’ve found the perfect mascara.


Fashionably Yours,

Tamara S.💄

Are “Thongs” Still A Thing?

Once upon a time lived a tiny little piece of string in your butt for at least 7-8 hours a day. This piece of string was connected to two other little pieces of string along with a small triangular piece of fabric to cover pubic areas. Thongs are supposed to serve a purpose of some sort between the genitals and the anus. Only Sisqo truly knows the significance of thongs …


Surprisingly, thongs or g-strings have been around since the 1970’s, but didn’t become a fashion trend until the late 90’s, early 2000’s. They were so popular, designers created looks just to show them off. How horrible are humans really…seriously? Damn whoever okayed this anal inconvenience in the board room. Looking back (literally), what was the practicalities or pleasure behind G-strings? Do women actually wear these contraptions to work for 8-9 hours a day, plus the 2-3 hours of commute to and from? How about the gym? Are thongs worn to the gym, or do you keep a backup of panties in the athletic bag? Are errands ran in a G-string as well?

Leopard print sexy little panties female cheetah thong(China (Mainland))


Not entirely to toot my age horn, but I wasn’t old enough to fully embrace the thong and its skimpy butt-loving glory. I may have owned 10-15 pairs of thongs in my life (half were by default or wardrobe demands). By the time I was old enough to consider ‘sexy underwear options’, I’d already moved on and upgraded to the fabulous playmates known as “boy shorts”. We’ve been in a long-term relationship for quite some time now. I don’t see us breaking up any time soon. They get me, I get them.




In my opinion, boy shorts are like that one loyal BFF you’ve  had since high school, college and made it through your first real job with. Boy shorts always have your back (not to mention your front), through thick and thin. Even when the sucky experiences in life come and go, boy shorts can always withstand the pressures. I live in boy shorts. Thongs are for show and graphic content and white pants only.

Summer Winter

Summer Winter


Marc by Marc Jacobs crop top
$120 –

WithChic long cardigan
$33 –

Topshop blue jeans

Miista short boots

Kayu straw handbag

Lips makeup

Marc by Marc Jacobs fragrance
$81 –

Oil rubbed bronze chandelier

How To Flirt in 2016

Is Following the New Flirting?


An asap intervention needs to be in place: I’ve misplaced my flirt button and I know I can’t be the only one. Now don’t get me wrong, I can elevate my tits and bite my bottom lip faster than a cougar or a high-priced escort. But what about the subtle sense of flirting for the more the reserved gentleman I’ve grown quite fond of lately? It’s very easy to flirt with the “pimp daddies” and Male Crush Mondays of the world. However, those are no longer the kind of gentlemen that peak my interest (I need more than good looks, what else is on your table, sir?)

The refined men I’m referring to require more than squat repetitions and a new waist trainer to seduce. This type of flirting calls for intellect, a great manicure and a strategic manual of non-verbal sophisticated signals. Leave your #MCM fantasy men in 2015 darlings (unless he put a ring on it).

My wise and older girlfriends gave me tips that might’ve worked in the 50’s and 60’s, but I’m not so sure on the results these tricks would have today. One woman suggested I drop my pen in front of the gentleman I was interested in (hopefully he wouldn’t be so into his phone, he’d actually notice). As he picks up my pen and I reach back for it, I was advised to gently touch the back of his hand (hence the great manicure). If you touch him the right way, you may just land yourself a date.

I tried this trick on my co-worker for fun. He proceeded to pick up my pen after about three seconds and asked if it was mines. We both knew it was.  Before proceeding to step two, I came to the conclusion that if I “lightly brushed his hand against mines” this may be grounds for sexual harassment or a really awkward moment. Way too risky given the mere fact I have to work closely with this guy 2-3 times a week, and he’s in his early twenties. Cougar moment for me, yes. Hell, he’s majoring in Physics with a full-time job so we can already note the potential on this guy . Did I mention he’s good with his hands? Goodness, if he was four years older I would’ve stroked his hand up and down dropping everything, everywhere…

The main issue is that the guys I’m accustomed to dating are the ones I’ve mastered flirting with! I no longer want to date bad boys! I know how to prop my breasts over my bra. I know how to give saunter with even more sass. The gentlemen I find highly fascinating nowadays have little time for women only offering sass and saunter. I like a man turned on by art, ambition and intellect ( a nice ass too, but isn’t all). Now that I think about it; maybe that was partly the reason I redeemed a new library card today, and Barnes & Noble is becoming one of my new besties. The universe totally works in our favor without us realizing. I’m so ready to be “nerdy and flirty” in 2016, and I am not ashamed whatsoever. There’s nothing sexier than an educated woman.




Little Black Book, Little Black Dress

No, I do not condone polygamy. However until you and your significant other have mutually decided you two are completely off the market, there should absolutely be a few little black dresses in your closet accessible for possible suitors from the little black book….

Little Black Book

It wasn’t always easy being plus-sized, but it was damn sure satisfying once I realized the perks of being a plus-sized vixen. Let’s be clear: in no way shape or form does “vixen” equal escort. There have been a few times I’ve been courted simply as “arm candy”-which is just as satisfying. **Any other dimension or level an individual wants to elevate a given situation should completely be in line with their own personal morals (mini disclaimer I have to add).**

People have the weirdest misconception that bigger women are invisible or aren’t privy to the same opportunities. My dear, let me be the first to tell you: we’re seen twice as much and twice the commodity. I can jokingly but seriously say, “I didn’t choose this life, it merely bumped into me.”


Entry 1: A Norwegian medical graduate student from Temple University. Prior to meeting, I didn’t know where the hell Norway was. But I vividly remember him eyeing me across the rooftop bar. I wasn’t interested. Hardly. Until he strategically offered to buy my posse and I drinks, I didn’t even catch his name (still uninterested). My face was more than serious, but my hair exuded the brightest smiles because I left the hair salon prior to happy hour. “Mr. Med School” showed off a bit with his super “white man” dance moves and I couldn’t help to soften my disposition. His outgoing persona and subtle persistence earned him an entry in the little black book.

A few days and text messages later, we decided on dinner. Let the “little black dress fun” begin! I’m an avid believer in a timeless little black dress staple in every woman’s possession. A sexy, but tasteful; black silhouette you can easily transition into work attire with a blazer and scarf in the event a date turns into an ‘innocent’ sleepover. “Med School” and I didn’t have a sleepover after our dinner date in an upscale sushi bar, but my little black dress did have a memorable experience.


Entry 2: Little black dress number two had to be one of my most practical, pleasantly form fitting, long-sleeved black dresses I’ve ever fell in love with! It was a fit made in heaven! Awesome two-way stretch material that had to be washed with care, and would take a day or two to air dry. There was the perfect gathering/ruching at the hip to accentuate my curves perfectly in the most sensual way. We met (the dress and I) while on the search for the perfect birthday night ensemble. I had weekend plans with an Indian Computer Techno Something I’d been dating for a few months. I wish I remembered his exact title, but you guys know how those PC conversations can go: right over someone’s head.


This black dress was perfect for our night out of dancing at a local Hipster spot, drinking and classic arcade games with more drinking. I paired the dress with a few necklaces, rings and lace-up ankle booties. My makeup was flawless; topped with a smoky-eye look and bright red lip by Nars Cosmetics. With my hair styled in a short asymmetrical bob, and black stones in my medium-sized hoop earrings, I was the perfect chocolate vixen that night. Needless to say, this was a sleepover night. A totally appropriate piece while stopping to grab coffee and tea the next morning. While “Indian Computer Techno” chauffeured me home, a conversation came up about someone’s wedding and him needing a date. That conversation led to the differences in the Indian cultures and how long it takes to bring a non- Indian woman home. It was way too early for my black woman sass act, so I said a few words and left it alone. That was the last time I saw Mr. Indian Computer Techno Something.


One less promising entry in the little black book, one “MVP” added to the little black dress collection.



“Self-love is the best love. If you’re going to share love, be safe love!”