Little Black Book, Little Black Dress

No, I do not condone polygamy. However until you and your significant other have mutually decided you two are completely off the market, there should absolutely be a few little black dresses in your closet accessible for possible suitors from the little black book….

Little Black Book

It wasn’t always easy being plus-sized, but it was damn sure satisfying once I realized the perks of being a plus-sized vixen. Let’s be clear: in no way shape or form does “vixen” equal escort. There have been a few times I’ve been courted simply as “arm candy”-which is just as satisfying. **Any other dimension or level an individual wants to elevate a given situation should completely be in line with their own personal morals (mini disclaimer I have to add).**

People have the weirdest misconception that bigger women are invisible or aren’t privy to the same opportunities. My dear, let me be the first to tell you: we’re seen twice as much and twice the commodity. I can jokingly but seriously say, “I didn’t choose this life, it merely bumped into me.”


Entry 1: A Norwegian medical graduate student from Temple University. Prior to meeting, I didn’t know where the hell Norway was. But I vividly remember him eyeing me across the rooftop bar. I wasn’t interested. Hardly. Until he strategically offered to buy my posse and I drinks, I didn’t even catch his name (still uninterested). My face was more than serious, but my hair exuded the brightest smiles because I left the hair salon prior to happy hour. “Mr. Med School” showed off a bit with his super “white man” dance moves and I couldn’t help to soften my disposition. His outgoing persona and subtle persistence earned him an entry in the little black book.

A few days and text messages later, we decided on dinner. Let the “little black dress fun” begin! I’m an avid believer in a timeless little black dress staple in every woman’s possession. A sexy, but tasteful; black silhouette you can easily transition into work attire with a blazer and scarf in the event a date turns into an ‘innocent’ sleepover. “Med School” and I didn’t have a sleepover after our dinner date in an upscale sushi bar, but my little black dress did have a memorable experience.


Entry 2: Little black dress number two had to be one of my most practical, pleasantly form fitting, long-sleeved black dresses I’ve ever fell in love with! It was a fit made in heaven! Awesome two-way stretch material that had to be washed with care, and would take a day or two to air dry. There was the perfect gathering/ruching at the hip to accentuate my curves perfectly in the most sensual way. We met (the dress and I) while on the search for the perfect birthday night ensemble. I had weekend plans with an Indian Computer Techno Something I’d been dating for a few months. I wish I remembered his exact title, but you guys know how those PC conversations can go: right over someone’s head.


This black dress was perfect for our night out of dancing at a local Hipster spot, drinking and classic arcade games with more drinking. I paired the dress with a few necklaces, rings and lace-up ankle booties. My makeup was flawless; topped with a smoky-eye look and bright red lip by Nars Cosmetics. With my hair styled in a short asymmetrical bob, and black stones in my medium-sized hoop earrings, I was the perfect chocolate vixen that night. Needless to say, this was a sleepover night. A totally appropriate piece while stopping to grab coffee and tea the next morning. While “Indian Computer Techno” chauffeured me home, a conversation came up about someone’s wedding and him needing a date. That conversation led to the differences in the Indian cultures and how long it takes to bring a non- Indian woman home. It was way too early for my black woman sass act, so I said a few words and left it alone. That was the last time I saw Mr. Indian Computer Techno Something.


One less promising entry in the little black book, one “MVP” added to the little black dress collection.



“Self-love is the best love. If you’re going to share love, be safe love!”



  1. cotswoldsgirl · December 9, 2015

    Loved this: I totally need a LBD. Why do I not have one?!? From one bobbed vixen to another 😄 x

    • tamarastylist · December 9, 2015

      You’re in the UK, right?? You have so many options!! Asos?

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