How To Flirt in 2016

Is Following the New Flirting?


An asap intervention needs to be in place: I’ve misplaced my flirt button and I know I can’t be the only one. Now don’t get me wrong, I can elevate my tits and bite my bottom lip faster than a cougar or a high-priced escort. But what about the subtle sense of flirting for the more the reserved gentleman I’ve grown quite fond of lately? It’s very easy to flirt with the “pimp daddies” and Male Crush Mondays of the world. However, those are no longer the kind of gentlemen that peak my interest (I need more than good looks, what else is on your table, sir?)

The refined men I’m referring to require more than squat repetitions and a new waist trainer to seduce. This type of flirting calls for intellect, a great manicure and a strategic manual of non-verbal sophisticated signals. Leave your #MCM fantasy men in 2015 darlings (unless he put a ring on it).

My wise and older girlfriends gave me tips that might’ve worked in the 50’s and 60’s, but I’m not so sure on the results these tricks would have today. One woman suggested I drop my pen in front of the gentleman I was interested in (hopefully he wouldn’t be so into his phone, he’d actually notice). As he picks up my pen and I reach back for it, I was advised to gently touch the back of his hand (hence the great manicure). If you touch him the right way, you may just land yourself a date.

I tried this trick on my co-worker for fun. He proceeded to pick up my pen after about three seconds and asked if it was mines. We both knew it was.  Before proceeding to step two, I came to the conclusion that if I “lightly brushed his hand against mines” this may be grounds for sexual harassment or a really awkward moment. Way too risky given the mere fact I have to work closely with this guy 2-3 times a week, and he’s in his early twenties. Cougar moment for me, yes. Hell, he’s majoring in Physics with a full-time job so we can already note the potential on this guy . Did I mention he’s good with his hands? Goodness, if he was four years older I would’ve stroked his hand up and down dropping everything, everywhere…

The main issue is that the guys I’m accustomed to dating are the ones I’ve mastered flirting with! I no longer want to date bad boys! I know how to prop my breasts over my bra. I know how to give saunter with even more sass. The gentlemen I find highly fascinating nowadays have little time for women only offering sass and saunter. I like a man turned on by art, ambition and intellect ( a nice ass too, but isn’t all). Now that I think about it; maybe that was partly the reason I redeemed a new library card today, and Barnes & Noble is becoming one of my new besties. The universe totally works in our favor without us realizing. I’m so ready to be “nerdy and flirty” in 2016, and I am not ashamed whatsoever. There’s nothing sexier than an educated woman.





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