Mascara Vs. Men

The one dreaded question I get during my beauty consultations has to be, “What’s the best mascara?” This question makes me cringe and lock my jaw every time I hear it. I hesitate answering because I have yet to find the perfect universal mascara created to cater to every single woman’s lash needs. I always respond with, “Finding the perfect mascara is like finding the perfect man. It takes time, patience and a thorough process of elimination.”

Everyone’s lashes and love interests are so different. Mascaras and mates are investments. You can’t just look at the packaging and determine whether it will be a good fit for you or not. We’ve all tried that in the past. Viewing something under the pretty lights, sum it up by its visual appeal and assume the details on the label will give you what you desire. Then you get it home, unwrap the package, impulsively throw the receipt in the trash and hope for the best while you gently let the mascara wand caress your lash. After a few strokes, the harsh reality hits. It just doesn’t work! The new relationship isn’t as promising as the company made it out to be. It’s too big or too small, too messy, too complicated, too deceiving, or worst of them all…too full of shit.

You beat yourself up afterwards staring in the mirror wondering, “What the hell was I thinking?” Another possibility. Another mistake. Another unfortunate letdown. You’ve already made the commitment by throwing away that damn receipt, so you’ve made it utterly clear you were open to investing whole-heartedly.

Mascaras are absolutely like men. The brush may be right, but the formula could be completely wrong. How do you stick it out with the right brush, but a terrible formula? Or vice versa, you love the ingredients of the mascara itself but the brush sucks! The agony! So now, do you settle with what you have? A product that cannot satisfy as promised? Or keep the mascara, and replace the wand? That technically feels like cheating, doesn’t it? Using a wand with someone else’s formula is not the way it should have to be! Ideally, there should be one mascara out there to complete the job on it’s own. Is that too much to ask?

As far as mascaras go, there are so many choices on the market. You have to choose one that best suits your needs. When shopping for a mascara, it’s a lot about the brush. That physical bond you build with one another. Mascara wands are a bit complex in the decision making process, like a suitable counterpart. Wands that are meant to curl lashes have a curved brush. Wands for length are straight and narrow, wands for volume have fatter bristles and brushes with shorter bristles are easier to control.


When applying mascaras, I always advise my clients to coat your lashes in three different sections; outer, middle and inner corners. This gives the doll baby lash affect. Also, let coats dry in between application. This creates more volume by building on top of dried mascara layers.

Men are so much like mascaras. One may give you an acceptable performance, but you can’t help but wonder if there’s something better available. The best mascaras like the best men. It takes time, patience and pure love to encounter. You won’t have to force it, it’ll come naturally. You may have to rummage through and experience a few crappy ones, but the perfect one will be your only go-to. You’ll never have to second guess or feel curiosity about the new trendy ones only around for a season.

In your mascara and man, look for the ones that offer loyalty and longevity. Not the ones only here for a short fling. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing and over embellished propaganda. They lie darling. They’re very good at that. The best one will never leave and cause your eyes to water. That my dear, is how you know you’ve found the perfect mascara.


Fashionably Yours,

Tamara S.💄


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