Naked, Makeup

One of the worst feelings in the world as a woman is having to rush through your makeup looks. Especially when you can easily spend 5-7 minutes just on your eyebrows…

Facebook is always the culprit of mayhem. Post a picture of a meal you’ve made, and wait for your hotline to bling. Seriously. I decided for Christmas Eve, I would create a small but savory and festive meal. Nothing too extravagant, just enough to feel productive on a rather warm December day. After baking chicken, pork and biscuits for over three hours, I felt a sense of accomplishment in addition to the heat of Hell’s Kitchen throughout the house. I’d literally slaved over a meal, ate a bit and relaxed while scrolling through social media. Then, the unexpected happened: a text from a good friend requesting a plate from a picture I posted.


Damn. I never mind feeding people. However, the idea of getting “appropriately dressed for dinner guests” part wasn’t at all what I had in mind on a relaxing night off. I was hot, sticky, full from dinner but haven’t seen this particular friend who’d been in the military for over a year. So it was my duty to look somewhat presentable. The plot thickened when “Sergeant Impromptu” told me they would arrive in just 30 minutes. (Dammit!) Thirty minutes to shower, find something to wear and put on makeup! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not a “thirty minute girl“. My showers alone are at least 20 minutes on a good day. Normally, it takes me at least an hour and a half to get ready (mentally and physically), so I knew this would be a challenge. There would have to be a sacrifice somewhere….either my makeup or attire. One would have to take the back seat, but I wasn’t sure which would lose.

PartialCoverage_GilElvgren.jpg (884×1200):

With less than 15 minutes after my shower, this meant 10 minutes for makeup and five to find something presentable to wear. I kept my makeup look very simple; kind of an “errand day” look. Moisturizer, concealer, a light foundation application and most important, eyebrows. I went the extra mile by adding eye liner (I may have skipped the mascara) and a clear gloss with a slight pink tint. Now, what the hell to wear? I needed something that said, “I’m home relaxing but I’m still as cute as you see on Instagram.” The hot weather didn’t make options any easier. I wanted a comfortable look, nothing skimpy or too revealing. On the other hand, I didn’t want to wear anything that read, “chilling with the homeboy” either. I needed a good balance between sex appeal and homebody.

pin-up-cooking.jpg (300×392):

Finally, I decided to go with a sports bra (for comfort with semi push-up definition), deep V-neck short sleeved top and a long black skirt with a split stopping right above the knee. Perfect! It showed off my figure with a few degrees of modesty. I topped this look with a light summer scent, Dolce by D&G for an overall inviting appeal.

grill.jpg (449×600):

Dinner with company was so successful, “Sergeant Impromptu” suggested I move in to provide meals all the time. Whether it was jokingly said or a serious gesture, I’m sure my outfit and makeup played a small part to the visions of me being a live in cook in addition to other given roles and responsibilities. The compliment was nice. So was my meal. So was my naked, minimal makeup. Getting ready in 30 minutes sure isn’t fun, but if I can make it happen gracefully, anyone can.



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