Jamaican Stew Chicken 

This is for my client, that requested a stew chicken recipe. 

Here you go ; )

-Chicken (10 pieces. Your choice)

-Vinegar or lemon juice (to cleanse)



 Seasoning salt

Haberno (Scotch bonnet pepper 1-2)





Jamaican Choice meat & pultry seasoning 

Black Pepper

Pimento (optional)




1 potato

*insert. I wish I had measurements but I don’t roll that way. I just freestyle. 💁🏾


Remove all excess fat, and cleanse with 2/3 water, 1/3 lemon juice or vinegar. Rinse well. Combine all seasonings. Not too heavy on the browning. Not too brown stew chicken (unless you like it really dark 😊).

Next…let it marinate. For at least an hour. If you can. 

Get frying pan. Deep enough to build up some juices. I’m still talking about chicken by the way. Just for the record. 

Okay, so next is preheating your pot, with oil. Coconut, vegetable, or olive oil. Really your choice honey. Whatever’s in your pantry. Get the pan well hot (Jamaican accent just slipped. I hope you caught it. )

Take your frying fork and marinate chicken one last time before getting ready to fry. Remove all onion, potato and carrot pieces before frying. Save those vegetables for stewing. 

Once your pot is well heated, prepare to fry chicken on all sides building a nice brown. You kind of want to fry your chicken lightly all the way through. Fry it enough to be able to taste a small piece to know when it’s time to stew. 🙂

This is the fun part and time to have a minute to relax soon. (Climax, are you keeping up?)

Get your stewing pot ready, preferably the one you fried in (hence frying in one deep enough to build juices). You want those juices… For the chicken. Continue…

Turn your stove to a medium heat. Don’t forget those carrot, scallion and onion pieces. They’re going in the stew too. 


Add chicken. Vegetables. Ketchup and a bit of sugar. Not too much. Just a bit to taste. Also optional. 

Let it cook down on a medium high heat for at least 25-30 minutes. Half way through, turn the stove down….very important. 

So yes, at this point your grain and veggie should be about too. Rice and peas and cabbage pair nicely too. 

Probably a cocktail fruit drink on the side. And yes…,Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear. 🙂


Just A Sports Bra

The last few days have been lazy ones. I don’t know what it is, but I’m hoping it’s a combination of the weather and all of these comfort meals. The gym’s been on the back burner. So has writing. So is fashion. So is sex. (Lord forgive me.) Now that I visually see the words, it seems like a bit of the “d” word is lurking around. Not dick, the other one. Depression… 

I don’t know what it is, but I feel like that woman in the horrible anti-depression commercial just staring out the window. Damn I dislike admitting that. I’m pretty sure depression rates amongst others increase during the holiday season. The holidays should be such a joyous time of year, right? Wrong, especially when you work in retail. Long hours, long shifts and longer emotions.

 The most important part of the work week is to not wear those emotions on your sleeve, especially when 99.9% of your job is to set an example for your staff. Oh, I’m setting alright. As much as possible. Doubling up on SPANX, makeup setting spray and Robert Cavalli’s last fragrance he physically put his touch on. I’m setting… I promise I’m setting. So now that I’m actually looking back on the past several weeks, maybe I’m not entirely depressed. Just extremely mentally and physically exhausted. I have no energy or drive to fashion, fuck or write about either. (The Lord knows my ways better than I do I’m sure.)

What has been saving me the last few weeks? My BCBGMAXAZRIA faux leather skirt. Pairing this skirt with my dominatrix/bondage bras, has been my fashion pick-me-up. Whenever I grab that black vixen skirt, you better believe a bad b*tch is coming as well. This faux leather or a piece like it, is one of many I recommend every woman keep in her closet. You know, that piece of clothing or accessory you have to pull out whenever you want to remind people you’re not to be taken lightly? Yes, I suggest owning a few ensembles dolls. 

Ladies if you need a new piece of clothing or wardrobe that exudes the message, “This is a woman that shouldn’t be taken lightly” (or I just came off the runway), please contact me. 

Every woman should own a “I am not your b*tch today” outfit. 

So on the days you just want to lounge around in just a sports bra, it will make much more sense and feel well deserved. We may click around in heels and a push-up bra all week by professional standards, that no one really wants to admit: is bat-shit draining. In essence, there’s nothing wrong with ‘just a sports bra day. We’re entitled and allowed to claim a”recharge” day. Let those twins relax ladies. They work damn hard. 👯


Tamara Styles💄