Fur Collar & Vans Sneakers

Sometimes the best things in life happen when we just let life happen. Let’s marinate on that thought for a moment: Let. Life. Happen.

I let life happen with a Cuban tattoo artist and a 6’8 Music Therapist, and came home from both encounters still a proud celibate woman. I can let life happen. I don’t have to give up sex just to live life. God forgive me, but I’m no Virgin Mary. I am merely more in-tuned with my worth and the value of my puss*. There’s been so much going on between Fashion Weeks, growing professionally and figuring out what I want personally, I just couldn’t see myself succumbing to the temptations of penis right now. Sex would just complicate things, and I have enough to tackle. Despite all of the items on my plate and penis proposals,  I’m realizing my family is highly important to me. My Grandmother is going through a lot of health related issues, so for anyone wondering where I’ve been: There is your answer, I’ve been sitting with my Grandmother on my days off skimming as many fashion shows as I possibly could. There’s been a couple times I’ve felt like I was going to lose it, I can’t recall the last time I’ve truly taken a day off. Thank God for an amazing support system and a monthly fashion magazine purchase because I’m not quite sure how else I would stay sane. 

A big dilemma for me was whether I should have sex with the Cuban tattoo artist or not (6’8 Music Therapist wasn’t even in the running after our first date). In the midst of the madness, sex seemed like a quick fix to my growing anxieties. 

“Tattoo Artist” was so sexy, I couldn’t stand it! I knew he was a ladies man. It was written all over his handsome ass face. He was just my type: 6’1, tattoos (over 40 to be exact), gages, thick full-pink lips, a messy comb-over hair style and an awesome footwear collection which included some of my favorite classic black Vans sneakers. He was visual eye-candy, all 6 feet plus of him with this amazingly mannish beer- belly. It wasn’t a gut; just a belly. One of those stomachs you’d find yourself rubbing while you “Netflix and Chill”, but I knew with every fiber in my body, I wouldn’t be the only one he’d be watching Netflix with. It was agony just to even think about. “Tattoo Artist” was literally one of those things you’d want to own just to be able to say,”Look at what I have!” I didn’t even consider him as the person he was, just a thing. An accessory to show off, but not necessarily the best mental catch. Yes he looked awesome, but would he support me emotionally the way I needed a man to? I battled a few nights not driving to this guy’s house just to give him a taste. Everytime I almost came close, God stopped me directly in my tracks.   

“Tattoo Artist” couldn’t understand how much self -control I had, he was obviously used to women throwing themselves at him. I tried to explain it was like my love of cheesecake: I love it, but I won’t eat it. If I start eating it, I won’t want to stop so I’d rather not eat any at all. Of course I’d eventually treat myself to a slice or two, but now just wasn’t the time to fall off the wagon. No matter how much I love cheesecake or his looks for that matter. I can look at cheesecake, I just won’t touch it.

He must’ve grown weary of me teasing him. How many times have you made out with someone for over three hours? Three hours of just kissing made me the ultimate “dick teaser”, but I couldn’t give it up only after two dates! Our first date was like finding your new favorite heels. Every time you think about it, you smile. I wore my infamous red and black harness bra, with an all black attire, black sneakers and my fur collar opened enough to show off my bra and chest. By the time of our second date, we built enough sexual tension through two rounds of pool to make me fantasize about him taking me directly on the table (God forgive me). But I kept my composure, even while being in a close-knit proximity of the car. I let him tongue me down for an entire three hours with conversation in between, without even pulling out a tit. I wasn’t fully aware of how much willpower I actually had until that experience. Our kisses were like fire upon fire, I don’t think I’ve ever kissed anyone that deeply. My insides were tingling, but I just couldn’t give him me without fully knowing where we were going. He didn’t give me any answers, and ultimately I only wanted him for his looks. I eventually realized I wasn’t attracted to anything about him past his physical features, so where would we go beyond sex? 


    I let our dates happen because that was part of the universal plan. Sometimes just through dating, you learn so much about yourself: you learn your likes from your dislikes. However, having sex would’nt have taught me anything other than what he could possibly do with his penis. If the sex was horrific, that would’ve not only been a waste, but a major setback. I’m on the mission of growth. I’m not interested in intentionally setting myself back. 

Let life happen exactly the way it’s supposed to happen. Even if that means “it”never even happens..

Peace, Love and Growth,
Tamara Styles.

“All I could do, is just offer you. My love.” ~Prince



Groovy, Baby

Fashion is heading into an era I am so in love with: the 70’s. If I could ask God to send me back in time, I’d humbly request to live as a hot, young red head in the late 70’s. From the fashion, disco music, to the infamous Studio 54 parties, the late 70’s was an opening to women and gay liberation. The late 70’s administered a new level of self-love, and was an entrance to the acceptance of individuality. People actually wanted to see the weird and different. Normal was just boring and overrated. The conservative consensus of the country finally opened its canal to a new state of mind with so many negative outbreaks happening, from wars to various protests. Women were also breaking away from being submissive to men’s demands once the government approved birth control. It was like women finally had a chance to say, “Kiss my ass, I don’t want your baby.” 

   Could you imagine living in an age where celebrities and ordinary people party together? I don’t mean VIP sections and ropes. It was utterly everyone who was anyone with an eclectic style or personality on the dance floor having a groovy time. Ordinary, everyday people were inspiring designers and celebs while happy substances were being shared like favors! That’s sheer, awesome tranquility. Party-goers flocked to Studio 54 to get an opportunity to not only rub elbows with stars like Micheal Jackson, Andy Warhol and David Bowie. I know I’m sharing a lot of history, but fashion is history baby! If life were still so simple with less social-standard boundaries, we’d live in a much better place!   

This period in fashion and music history is the ultimate nirvana. Everyone wanted to dance, feel high and have a good time. People weren’t stuck, glued to their cell blocks (aka cellphones) watching moments of the past, people actually lived in the moment. I miss living in the moments. Not saving the moments for others and their standards or expectations of what my moments should look like. I like to do what I want, when I want leaving a trail of golden glitter behind.   

But more than anything, I’d love to revisit the late 70’s for the carefreeness and less pressures of perfection. Seriously, when else would loads of blue shadow over a naked face, false lashes and big hair be accepted? Now, everything in life is so focused on being perfect, we’re missing out on the beauty of life. This is the hardest and biggest pill I’ve had to take: I don’t care about the perfection anymore. I’ve spent years wasting on perfection only to realize I’m the farthest thing from it. I don’t want perfection. I want beauty. Beauty inside as well as out is much more fun than just perfect. I save my perfect for Jesus. Give me beauty baby.


If the late 70’s didn’t teach us anything else, it taught us to live a zen life and not be afraid of bell-bottoms or blue shadow. There is no harm in striving for beauty, its the perfection that slowly kills. 

“What is perfection anyway?”

Fashionably Yours Forever,

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Want to know the kind of day you’re going to have? You can¬†almost always¬†gauge by the outcome of your winged liner…


I knew my day was going to be fucking crazy when my winged liner just wouldn’t cooperate. My makeup was on point,¬†flawlessly executed and completely successful. Then the moment came to apply¬†my wings, and things went haywire. I don’t know what the hell happened, but my liner just would not work with me. I begged, grunted, took my time and after a few tries¬†with a bit of cleanup, I was finally satisfied with the outcome. At that very moment while staring into the mirror, I realized my day was going to be the exact same way; messy, drive me crazy in the beginning but turn out perfectly fine in the end. My liner was like a psychic into the future! After I finally finished arguing with my winged liner and came to a mutual understanding with my lip color, it was time to get dressed and head out for my 1 pm client. I was determined to be on time and perky after a cup of French vanilla coffee.

I wound up being late and to the brink of hysterically in tears. I didn’t want to be late, I was utterly in panic mode. I wanted to be on time, gracing the driveway as if it were my runway. Life has a way of humbling you and getting your ass in order. I was lost, beyond lost. Lost in a way I didn’t even think I could’ve been lost. Now looking back it was kind of funny, but in the moment there wasn’t a¬†second of laughter. My GPS directed me to any and everywhere other than my client’s house. By the time I finally pulled up in front of her door, I realized I drove passed her complex at least 7 times. I was mortified and beyond apologetic. As a professional, I just didn’t want to come across as the” young, late girl”. Not only was I lost, I called “Minnesota” to calm me down and offer some of his¬†motivational speeches. He didn’t even have the decency to pick up the phone or call me back! I was beyond crushed. Calling my client was no help. It was like the blonde leading the blonde and put me in more disarray.


As I sat in front of my client’s house for a good two seconds to breathe and look at myself in the mirror, I realized two things: Maybe this whole “Minnesota” ordeal wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. I was pissed, but life did push me into putting my “big girl boy shorts” on and making things happen on my own. Minnesota didn’t get me to where I am, he was just a page or two in my story. The second thing I confirmed is that my day was actually going to be smooth sailing there on out. The messy, unkempt part of my day was over (finally). It was now time to clean up and do an amazing job as I initially intended. The sucky part of my “eyeliner” day was over. Now was the time to create a masterpiece, and I was confident the rest of my day was going to be a perfect wing liner day. Truth be told, it actually was.

Artist Makeup Tip 101: I like to line my lids with a gel liner first, then use a liquid to create my wing tips. When doing your liner, look into the mirror and declare that you’re going to have an amazing day!





Drugstore Vs. Department Store Makeup

The past couple of days of my life have been on¬†more¬†Red Bulls¬†than snow on the ground. I don’t know what the hell is going on but things are moving at a¬†rapidly fast pace, so much that I now find myself up at 2 in the morning when I have a client scheduled this¬†afternoon¬†(nice).¬†Not the time for an insomnia attack. One week¬†life is moving¬†turtle-slow, the next you’re wishing things slow down!


For those of you thinking this post was going to be just about makeup, there are great finds in the drugstores but there is nothing like department store makeup. The end, now move along honey. Those of you that know me by now, know that it isn’t just about the makeup here. There’s always more to it.¬†Lets be honest with one another: If we could afford only department store makeup, would we ever consider drugstore lines? Or for my “Well, there’s good finds in the drugstores” ladies, who would you marry?¬†Say for instance, Mac¬†and Target (makeup not the entire store)¬†propose to you.¬†You’d take that Mac ring and give the forehead kiss to Target. Sorry, but not sorry!

I attended a skincare training on Tuesday, and guess where the instructor happened to be from? Minnesota! Of all the states, cities, and¬†metropolitan areas a skincare instructor could¬†come from they had to pull her from Minnesota right? Just my luck! (For you newbies, Minnesota is where my “heart throb”¬†is.) I’ve been tight-lipped on spilling the tea about “Minnesota” after the whole Vegas ordeal because as any girl would be, I was kind of heartbroken walking around like¬†life was peachy. Inside, it was utter torture.¬†“Minnesota” and I met, kissed in Vegas and the rest was history!¬†So automatically I felt a kindred vibe to this instructor (not to mention her personality was so welcoming- it must be a Mid-West thing!)¬†and¬†felt inclined to be forthcoming about my Minnesotan Irish sweetheart.

As our instructor came around testing products on our hands, I just beckoned out all the polite questions I could about Minnesota, never really having been there. I was like a giddy kid. “Is it really, really cold? How do you guys get around? How’s the plowing over there?” I’m just all questions because I need to know! I eventually want to visit! Then she asks the question, “Do you know anyone in Minnesota?” and like word-vomit, I’m spilling out the word “boyfriend” like a love-sick teen (OMG). To make matters worse, she announces to the whole entire training room about how she and I were talking about my boyfriend in Minnesota…blah, blah, blah. Instantly, I was over-the-top embarrassed. If I didn’t have so much melanin in¬†my skin I would’ve turned bright red at that very moment. “Oh my God,” I thought to myself. I just put my foot entirely in my mouth. I could feel the room instantly getting hotter and my temperature rise at the thought of “boyfriend” echoing around the room. “What the fu*k did I just say?” I felt my boss behind me, burning eyes into the back of my head saying, “B*tch that is not your “boyfriend“. I spent¬†the entire next¬†day freaking out. One thing I dislike is my character on the line. Am I optimistic or delusional? I start questioning¬†every choice I’d ever made that morning.¬†I’m not a habitual liar, especially not about any damn man. Ask me why I’m late, the answer is always traffic even when it was indeed my makeup routine. But other than that, I try to¬†keep a pretty clean mouth.

So there I am, walking around devastated thinking¬†my boss will¬†out me or question my trustworthiness because I¬†spewed out the damn word¬†“boyfriend”. It was 9 am in the morning, way too early for my liking. Now that I look back, yes there are a ton of other things I could’ve named him but definitely not boyfriend. For one thing, I’m pretty sure I’m passed the boyfriend age. At some point in a girl’s life, the term “boyfriend” is null and void. If he isn’t your man by now, have several seats darling. I had to do something. I racked my brain trying to figure out how the hell to pull myself out of this, so the best scenario¬†was to actually just talk to him about it.¬†The truth is Minnesota and I are indeed in a really good space.¬†After sending him a message via Facebook with three simple words,¬†asking for his number, almost immediately he¬†replied back to me. I asked my two-year old cousin if I should text him.¬†In the most innocent voice she responded, “Uh-huh.” I couldn’t resist. At two-years old she is definitely¬†too¬†pure to steer me wrong.

Once¬†we left Vegas, things (I) got crazy, and we took a break. A much appreciated break I can look back and say to not only him but myself, “I made a mistake.” Like the gentleman he is, he welcomed me back with long-distance open arms. I’ve dated,¬†hit on guys, and¬†extended myself to other possibilities but he is¬†my¬†virtual ‘sigh of relief’.¬†This is a man I can¬†express my business plans to and have him give me crucial feedback, send all my naked ‘selfies’ and receive rather intimate ones in return, or I can call and vent to about anything and receive a level-headed response. Yes, I immaturely threw out the word “boyfriend”, but he is not far from it either. I’ve dated guys after him that weren’t worthy of even knowing my panty size, so I began to withhold more and more of myself to undeserving pieces of meat (literally). I don’t need a man looking at me expecting sex. That’s another ship that has sailed.¬†When a man flies you out to Vegas for your very first date and single-handedly sweeps you off of your feet, it’s going to take a lot of persuasion to get to know me on a physical level.

Minnesota is not my boyfriend, but he is definitely department store makeup. He gets me, he has my color and is worth the investment. I came across an article that talked about not being emotionally available for a relationship, and I honestly feel that is very much-so me. I think I want a relationship until I actually¬†get into one, and I’m draining myself entirely into it. Not only am I not¬†emotionally available but partially physically as well. I don’t want “Friends With Benefits”, and I don’t want to jump into another situation where I’m giving so much to my personal life that I’m losing and sacrificing¬†my professional one. He and I talked for an hour about what we want and he honestly admitted he jumped into a situation with me, yet¬†ironically I couldn’t admit to him that I did the same thing. I broke up with¬†an ex in August and was seeing Minnesota by October. Did I really give myself the time to heal?¬†Or did I rush into something not wanting to be alone? We jumped into something¬†and I know I fell, but I’ve never thrown around the “L” word to him (Bye ship!). He is not my boyfriend, but he, I still believe to this day is my soul mate. Until I meet someone else to prove me wrong, I will continue to wait and focus my energy¬†on my passion.¬†He upped the ante¬†of what a gentleman should embody and the level of support you should receive from¬†said “boyfriends”. You never know, sometimes¬†life just blesses you with an “Ante Upper”, and Minnesota could be just that.¬†Once you find¬†the right shade of¬†department store makeup,¬†drugstore foundation just doesn’t feel the same. I simply¬†refuse to sleep with anymore drugstore makeup, so¬†I’ll continue¬†holding out for that department store¬†quality.


Say¬†“No!” to drugstore boyfriends. Save your “cookies” for department store ones.


Fashionably Yours,



Gender Bending Fashion Statements

You’d be surprised to know that I used to be very much of a budding, young tomb-boy in my earlier¬†years. Yes, me. Girly, pinup, curvaceously sensual,¬†me. As much of an oxymoron as it may sound, I was always drawn to the¬†softness of a woman¬†that exudes even through men’s garments. In middle school I¬†was forced to wear uniforms.¬†I found much¬†comfort in sporting my form-fitting Dickie pants, light blue polo tennis shirts and Timberland suede boots. It allowed me to be “one of the boys” and grab on the imaginary crotch I never¬†had.

By the time¬†high school¬†rolled around,¬†being a little fem-boy was a hidden part of my DNA. When the discussions of Senior Prom arose, I felt¬†compelled to create a black,¬†classic cut¬†tuxedo dress with plenty of structure and even more boobs to display¬†. Blindly na√Įve, I made the first ‘Fashion Rule’¬†mistake in my History class: Never discuss your [unpatented] ideas with your peers. Of course someone loved my idea so much, they decided to make that dress for themselves (thank God I had a backup plan which is absolutely, always Fashion Rule Number two).

Yves Saint Laurent | Silk-cady tuxedo dress (classic!):

There’s¬†an essence¬†so¬†captivating and impressive about meshing the men women¬†worlds’ together;¬†fashion is an awesome industry¬†for having the ability¬†to do that. A designer¬†can seamlessly¬†overlap the¬†male and female’s outwardly appearances¬†over¬†one another.¬†The viewers will have no choice but to either¬†appreciate¬†or misinterpret the¬†beauty of mild “cross-dressing” couture. In reality, men dressing a tad like women was an idea I actually grew up with in my heritage. Being of Jamaican descent¬†introduced me¬†to the concept of ¬†men dressing in skinny leg jeans, slimmer tops and topped with a masculine¬†Clark shoe. Not until I attended college, did I understand the European influences of my¬†background’s attire and music choices.¬†Jamaica having¬†belonged to the British prior to emancipation,¬†assimilated¬†a lot of the European customs to their culture. I thought we just really¬†liked tight pants and the group¬†Whaam! because they were good. Never did I realize it actually stemmed¬†from the Jamaicans’ initial¬†ties to the U.K cultures.


Midway through college and taking a Visual Merchandising course, I fell in love with the Woody Allen film, Annie Hall. I mentioned to my professor how much I loved seeing women in ties and chinos and erogenous looks. His response was, “Oh, like the movie Annie Hall?”¬† My brows instantly went up. Annie Who? After class, I googled everything I could about the movie before even getting¬†an opportunity to¬†watch. Diane¬†Keaton’s character was so gentle and quirky. The wardrobe director¬†made an amazing call by putting her into more serious, gallant menswear pieces. The contrast was eccentric, but drew you in to her character. You couldn’t help but to glue your eyes onto her¬†outfits¬†in almost every single¬†scene. Later I’d come to¬†discover the movie¬†is actually a really good watch (honestly one of those films I watch every time it airs), and received an A on my following project.


Fast forwarding to present day,¬†I happened¬†to¬†stumble across a Louis Vuitton ad featuring the¬†revolutionary,¬†Jaden Smith in the Women’s SS ’16 collection on Instagram a few days ago. Darling, was that¬†my tea¬†for¬†the morning!¬†Sure this a trend that’s been going on since the days of the Egyptians, but every time it resurfaces I get so fashionably enticed. Not to mention all of the gender-bending looks from London’s runway shows this weekend. May we just take a moment to embrace men in cinched waist looks from the Matthew Miller collection? Bananas! I don’t know if I’d ever see a man in a skinny belt wrapped around his waist and consider him sexually attractive. However it does¬†makes for¬†an appetizing¬†work of haute couture art, and great sex-crossing¬†story telling on the runway.

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith for Louis Vuitton SS ’16 Collection


Love Your Individuality. Embrace Your Style.


Fashionably Yours,




Naked, Makeup

One of the worst feelings in the world as a woman is having to rush through your makeup looks. Especially when you can easily spend¬†5-7 minutes just on your eyebrows…

Facebook is always the¬†culprit of mayhem.¬†Post a picture of a meal you’ve made, and wait for your hotline to bling. Seriously.¬†I decided for Christmas Eve, I would create a small but savory and¬†festive meal. Nothing too extravagant, just enough to feel productive on a rather warm December day. After baking chicken, pork and biscuits for over three hours, I felt a sense of accomplishment in addition to the heat of Hell’s Kitchen throughout the house. I’d literally slaved over a meal, ate a bit and relaxed while scrolling through social media. Then, the unexpected happened: a¬†text from a good friend requesting a plate from a picture I posted.


Damn. I¬†never mind feeding people. However, the idea of¬†getting “appropriately dressed for dinner guests”¬†part wasn’t at all what I had in mind on a relaxing night off.¬†I was¬†hot, sticky, full from dinner¬†but haven’t seen this particular friend who’d been in the military¬†for over a year. So it was my duty to look somewhat presentable. The plot thickened when “Sergeant Impromptu” told me they would¬†arrive in just 30 minutes. (Dammit!) Thirty minutes to shower, find something to wear and put on makeup! I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not a “thirty minute girl“. My showers alone are at least 20 minutes on a good day. Normally, it takes me at least an hour and a half to get ready (mentally and physically), so I knew this would be a challenge. There would have to be a sacrifice somewhere….either¬†my makeup or attire. One would have to take the back seat, but I wasn’t sure which would lose.

PartialCoverage_GilElvgren.jpg (884√ó1200):

With less than 15 minutes after my shower, this meant 10 minutes for makeup and five to find something presentable to wear. I kept my makeup look¬†very simple; kind of an “errand day” look. Moisturizer, concealer, a light foundation application and most important, eyebrows. I went the extra mile by adding eye liner (I may have skipped the mascara) and a clear gloss with a slight pink tint. Now, what the hell to wear? I needed something that said, “I’m home relaxing but I’m still as cute as you see on Instagram.” The hot weather didn’t make options any easier. I wanted a comfortable look, nothing skimpy or too revealing. On the other hand, I didn’t want to wear anything that read, “chilling with the homeboy” either. I needed a good balance between sex appeal and homebody.

pin-up-cooking.jpg (300√ó392):

Finally, I decided to go with a sports bra (for comfort with semi push-up definition), deep V-neck short sleeved top and a long black skirt with a split stopping right above the knee. Perfect! It showed off my figure with a few degrees of modesty. I topped this look with a light summer scent, Dolce by D&G for an overall inviting appeal.

grill.jpg (449√ó600):

Dinner with¬†company¬†was so successful, “Sergeant Impromptu” suggested I move in to provide meals all the time. Whether it was jokingly said or a serious gesture, I’m sure my outfit and makeup played a small part to the visions of me being a live in cook in addition to other given roles and responsibilities. The compliment was nice. So was my meal. So was my naked, minimal makeup. Getting ready in 30 minutes sure isn’t fun, but if I can¬†make it happen gracefully,¬†anyone can.

Mascara Vs. Men

The one dreaded question I get during my beauty consultations has to be, “What’s the best mascara?” This question makes me cringe and lock my jaw every time I hear it. I hesitate answering because¬†I have yet to find the perfect universal mascara created to cater to every single woman’s lash needs. I always¬†respond¬†with, “Finding the perfect mascara is like finding the perfect man. It takes time, patience¬†and a¬†thorough process¬†of elimination.”

Everyone’s lashes and love interests are so different. Mascaras and mates are investments. You can’t just look at the packaging and determine whether it will be a good fit for you or not. We’ve all tried that in the past. Viewing something under the pretty lights, sum it up by its visual appeal and assume the details on the label will give you what you desire. Then you get it home, unwrap the package, impulsively throw the receipt in the trash and hope for the best while you gently let the mascara wand caress your lash. After a few strokes, the harsh reality hits. It just doesn’t work! The new relationship isn’t as promising as the company made it out to be. It’s too big or too small, too messy, too complicated, too deceiving, or worst of them all…too full of shit.

You beat yourself up afterwards staring in the mirror wondering, “What the hell was I thinking?” Another possibility. Another mistake. Another unfortunate letdown. You’ve already made the commitment by throwing away that damn receipt, so you’ve made it utterly clear you were open to investing whole-heartedly.

Mascaras are absolutely like men. The brush may be right, but the formula could be completely wrong. How do you stick it out with the right brush, but a¬†terrible formula? Or vice versa, you love the ingredients of the mascara itself but the brush sucks! The agony! So now, do you settle with what you have? A product that cannot satisfy as promised? Or keep the mascara, and replace the wand? That technically feels like cheating, doesn’t it? Using a wand with someone else’s formula is¬†not the way it should have to be! Ideally, there should be one mascara out there to complete the job on it’s own. Is that too much to ask?

As far as mascaras go, there are so many choices on the market. You have to choose one that best suits your needs. When shopping for a mascara, it’s a lot about the brush. That physical bond you build with one another. Mascara wands are a bit complex in the decision making process, like a suitable counterpart.¬†Wands that are meant to curl lashes have a curved brush. Wands for length are straight and narrow,¬†wands for volume have fatter bristles¬†and brushes with shorter bristles are easier to control.


When applying mascaras, I always advise my clients to coat your lashes in three different sections; outer, middle and inner corners. This gives the doll baby lash affect. Also, let coats dry in between application. This creates more volume by building on top of dried mascara layers.

Men are so much like mascaras. One may give you an acceptable performance, but you can’t help but wonder if there’s something better available. The best mascaras like the best men. It takes time, patience and pure love to encounter. You won’t have to force it, it’ll come naturally. You may have to rummage through and experience a few crappy ones, but the perfect one will be your only go-to. You’ll never have to second guess or feel curiosity about the new trendy ones only around for a season.

In your mascara and man, look for the ones that offer loyalty and longevity. Not the ones only here for a short fling. Don’t be fooled by fancy marketing and over embellished propaganda. They lie darling. They’re very good at that. The best one will never leave and cause your eyes to water. That my dear, is how you know you’ve found the perfect mascara.


Fashionably Yours,

Tamara S.ūüíĄ