10 Ways to Increase Your Yearly Income.

*By integrating these methods into my professional lifestyle, I was able to increase my gross by 32.4% in just one year. Add another 32.4% to your annual income and view the projected number. That should give you the ammunition to read further.

Disclaimer: I’m not guaranteeing a fixed 32.4% increase for everyone each year. You could generate up to if not more depending on how ambitious you are. This factor of the equation is simply up to you.

10. Be About Your Business.

  • That’s pretty self-explanatory , but just incase you didn’t understand: Put your priorities first.
  • No one can hinder your ambition away worse than you.
  • Stay focused on the main goal.

9. Game Plan: Prioritize

  • What things need to be done first? Sense of Urgency is imperative when increase is the subject.
  • How much time can I devout to each project?
  • Meditation time or regrouping with yourself: aka lunch is another must. Take a break daily, don’t deplete yourself.

8. Keep Yourself Motivated.

  • Family
  • Monetary
  • Recognition
  • What motivates you daily?

7. Network and Meet people.

  • You never know who could be sent in your path for a reason. Be personable.
  • Attend events or professional gatherings. Keep business cards handy if they have your name on it.

6. Know your projected P/L* numbers.

  • *Profit (How much are you making?)
  • *Loss (How much are you spending?)

5. Always Strive for Growth.

  • Look at short and long-term growth, and what you need to do to increase your worth. Education and/or training?
  • Take those needed steps and stay focused.

4. Stay Focused.

  • Its easier to be distracted than to stay focused.
  • The latter will always keep you successful.

3. Be Careful of Those Closest To You.

  • The worst thing is to keep people closest to you with the wrong attitude. They’re not really a part of your vision, and may not genuinely care if you succeed. Eliminate those individuals immediately.

2. Assess Your To-Do List.

  • Follow-up on your plans and timeline.
  • Review daily, weekly and monthly to ensure things are getting done as you intended.

1. Stick To Your Morals And Follow Your Instinct.

  • If you don’t believe in something, be honest and save yourself the agony.
  • It is better hold a firm no than go against your own values.
  • You set the standards, so hold yourself accountable at all time.